About Steven Durr

"Acoustic Engineering's Last Outpost of Common Sense"

Steven Durr, the principal designer of Steven Durr Designs, LLC, is known and respected throughout the world for his talent and expertise in acoustic design and consulting.

Growing up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Steve was inspired by the rich, multi-genre live music heritage that is woven into the culture of Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and the Mississippi Gulf Coast. As a young man becoming more and more involved in the live music scene, Steve developed a passion for perfect music and sound; and his greatest talent was revealed, designing flawless acoustics for any type of venue. His one desire was to make sound, whether instrumental or song, whether spoken words or sound effects, whether dramatically loud or a whispered phrase, be the very best that it can be.

After graduating from Jefferson Davis College, Steve's passion led him into a career as a recording engineer and live sound engineer for such varied artists as Loggins and Messina, Johnny Cash, Sonny and Cher, Little River Band, Billy Joel, Kansas, Stevie Wonder, and the New Orleans Jazz Festival. During this period, he became familiar with normally unrecognized acoustic-changing elements, such as the changes in emotional energy of a performer during a pre-show sound check, and later during the actual performance. He also learned how to either get the best sound possible out of a venue's existing system, or design the perfect system for any individual setting from its conception onward.

In 1977, Steve moved to Nashville, Tennessee, known as "Music City USA", to design the acoustics and sound reinforcement systems for Opryland theme park and its numerous performance stages, and was soon commissioned to redesign the monitoring system at Nashville's legendary Woodland Studios. By 1987, Steven Durr was also teaching Studio Design and Acoustics at Nashville's prestigious Belmont University, which is internationally renowned as one of the top two music business schools in the U.S.

Steven Durr and Steven Durr Designs have since played an integral part in the design of facilities for both recording and performance for more than two thousand prestigious clients, with such varied needs as Disney, Willie Nelson, NASCAR Motor Speedways, Library of Congress, Hilton Hotels, DreamWorks Studios, Nissan Manufacturing, Vanderbilt University, Austin City Limits, and the Cleveland Browns. To browse through a portion of Steven Durr Designs' prestigious client list, you may refer to the Portfolio pages.

Steve has an extensive and accurate knowledge of the nuances of sound in every setting and all brands of equipment, and a determination to focus on what is important in each individual venue. These qualities, along with his personable style, has made the lives and jobs of countless of his clients much easier and less expensive than they would have been without him. Steven Durr Designs' intentionally small staff includes only those whose talents and knowledge complement Steve's own abilities, and his drive for perfection.

Always seeking to keep his skills completely up-to-date, Steve is a fifteen-time graduate of Synergetic Audio Concepts, the most respected acoustical teaching school in the world, where the standards are so high that to graduate even once is an honor. Steven Durr is an active member of the Audio Engineering Society, National Association of Music Manufacturers (NAMM), and the P&E Wing of NARAS

Recording studio "design" has taken a complete about face from just a few years ago. When I was a full time engineer and producer, all recording spaces were designed to capture a performance from an artist or an ensemble. With the advent of ProTools and Logic, there was a period of time when the general consensus that a great sounding studio room was no longer required because it was possible to create a performance in a computer. Fortunately, artists have realized the subtleties of a great recording required the tension of the performance from players in a great sounding room. We are in a very unique position as a design team because we have always designed rooms with a wonderful vibe. Now during this great resurgence of unique recording spaces, we are the foremost qualified to marry these two formats, creating and capturing a performance into a great working environment.